Monday, September 28, 2009

A wounded deer leaps the highest

This photograph was shot in Paris in honour of Lindsay Dobbin. Love to you in the wilds of Canada's north dear friend, sister. I carry your light with me wherever I roam.

Said the gramophone

And you'll be saying home at last

No looking back, no turning into salt

I knew by the time on the stove

Don't act broken even when you're broken

Thank god you're timeless because my watch got stolen

You're where all the poets go, you're where all the ashes blow

I read the signs, I got all my stars aligned. My amulets, my charms

As for me, I have to agree, I'm fickle as a paper doll

The animal's national anthem (as performed on Noah's Arc)

I hope your open sign is blinking still

Many people wanna make money, make love, make friends, make peace with death

Jesus saves, I spend

Falling against the lonely tenement has set my mind to wander

Write a song, I'll sing along

I spent the summer wasting

Saturday, September 26, 2009

You only need to change your mind

I lost the wonder I found

I am on my feet, I'll be dancing slow

"This unique creation represents a singular achievement in Maltese prehistoric art. This beautifully rendered figure of the reclining lady was discovered in pit in one of the painted galleries of the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Often hailed as a ‘sleeping mother goddess’, the figure may well be an eloquent representation of Death or the eternal sleep." - The Malta National Museum of Archaeology

They try to sell me holy books but I can see their eyes are wild

I'd like to tell my story before I turn into gold

The best band in the land

Love is touching souls, surely you touched mine

I don't need to take a breather, I'm on the outside lookin' out

On the back of a cartoon coaster I drew a map of Canada

What were you building when you had to go?